How to manage your license

Managing your license includes adding or removing a license and determining your licensing status. You can access license management capabilities from:

Product Licensing Status

Use the Licensing Status section on the Overview page to quickly assess your license situation. It contains statistical information about your license, including the number of server and client devices you are licensed for, as well as the total number that you are currently managing. The background of the Licensing Status section changes color to indicate when your managed devices are close to your licensed devices (yellow) or when you have exceeded the number of licensed devices (red).

If you have an evaluation copy of the IT Asset Management Pack, the Licens­ing Status section shows the number of days left in the evaluation, as well as the number of devices that you are managing. In an evaluation scenario, the Overview page can be used to determine the exact composition of the license you need to purchase. Do you need 500 server device licenses and 300 client devices? Or is it better for you to manage hardware assets instead of serv­ers? Perhaps you have many Windows Computer servers that are not being utilized, and only a few are linked to hardware assets. In this case you would purchase a server hardware asset license to reduce the cost of the license.

Knowing the number of devices you are managing will help you choose the right number of devices for a commercial license.

Administration – Provance Product Licensing View

Use the Provance Product Licensing view to: