Configuration of lists

Some of the lists on forms, such as the Type of hardware asset, can be mod­ified. Depending on the list you can modify the names of existing values, cre­ate new values, and add children to values. For example, under the computer type of a hardware asset you could add server, desktop and laptop as chil­dren. You may also add your own types, such as a new hardware asset type called server.

Some lists have values that cannot be modified because they are in a sealed management pack, while others are in an unsealed management pack so they can be modified. But if you choose to modify the names of existing values or delete the existing values, your changes will be overwritten when you upgrade to a new version of the IT Asset Management Pack. Any customiza­tions, however, are kept when you upgrade.

The following lists can be modified (Library workspace, Lists folder):

Important considerations

When adding types that need to be saved in an unsealed management pack, the best practice is to save them all in the same custom management pack. You will be prompted when a type needs to be saved in an unsealed manage­ment pack.


Other considerations are based on the type as described in the following sec­tions.

Hardware asset type

If you are creating additional hardware asset types, such as desktop and lap­top entries, the best practice is to create them as children of the Computer type. There are certain functions that are only available to assets of type Computer and to its subtypes; for example:

There are also additional internal behaviors and optimizations that make use of the type Computer.

Hardware asset life cycle status

Currently there is a workflow that ensures you are applying the correct life cycle status to an object. For example, you cannot install an asset that is dis­posed. This workflow will not recognize custom life cycle states or children added to existing states. If you create new life cycle states, then you may be permitting incorrect custom states to be applied to an asset.

Rules for creating ENUMs

If you need to import csv files into Service Manager for use with the IT Asset Management Pack, observe the following rules for your newly created list val­ues: