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Contract administration settings

Visual indicators are used to indicate that contracts are going to expire in a certain number of days. The visual indicator for contract expiration is shown on a hardware asset, when it is linked to a contract, on the Contract Sum­mary report and on the Hardware Asset Details report. In the case of a hard­ware asset, the message describing the expiration status of the contract is highlighted in red, yellow or green as a visual clue. Threshold settings define when each color appears on the asset. The settings apply to all types of con­tracts, both hardware and software. The default threshold settings are described in Understanding contract expiration indicators.

To change the thresholds for contract expiration indicators:

PREREQUISITE: You need to have Administrator privileges to change the thresholds.

  1. Go to the Administration workspace > Settings view.

  2. Click Provance Contract Administration Settings. The Contract Administration Settings form opens.

  3. Enter a threshold value for each of the color indicators: red and yellow.

  4. NOTE:

    If you enter the same value for both the red and yellow indicators, only the red indicator will appear.

  5. Click OK to save your changes to the thresholds.