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get Method

The getmethod gets a variable value from the VarSetobject.

[VBScript] VarSet.get(VariableName


Specifies the name of the value to retrieve from the VarSetobject.

Return Value



The following example shows how to use a VarSetobject to store data between script sessions.

Function IncrementCriticalErrors()
	Const ERROR_VARSET_NAME = "Error Tracker"
	Const NORMAL_ERROR_COUNT = "Number of Errors"
	Const CRITICAL_ERROR_COUNT = "Number of Critical Errors"
	Dim objScriptState
	Dim objErrorVarSet
	Dim vntCriticalErrors

	Set objScriptState = ScriptContext.GetScriptState()
	Set objErrorVarSet = objScriptState.GetSet(ERROR_VARSET_NAME)

	' get and modify count values
	vntCriticalErrors = objErrorVarSet.get(CRITICAL_ERROR_COUNT)
	vntCriticalErrors = CLng(vntCriticalErrors) + 1
	' save variable changes back to the VarSet
	Call objErrorVarSet.put(CRITICAL_ERROR_COUNT,

	' save the VarSet
	Call objScriptState.SaveSet(ERROR_VARSET_NAME, objErrorVarSet)

	Set objErrorVarSet = Nothing
	Set objScriptState = Nothing

	IncrementCriticalErrors = CLng(vntCriticalErrors)
End Function


Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 or later
Version: Requires MOM 1.0 SP1

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