Microsoft Operations Manager

PauseService Method

The PauseServicemethod sends a pause control code to a Windows NT service and verifies that the service has entered a paused state.

[VBScript] SCManager.PauseService
(ServiceName Variant, [ComputerName Variant])


Specifies the name of the service to pause.
Specifies the target computer. This parameter is optional. If the target computer is not specified or the parameter is an empty string, the local computer is the target.

Return Value



The PauseServicemethod times out after two minutes.

The SCManagerobject should not be used when creating new scripts. It is included only to support existing scripts. For more information about equivalent APIs, see Using Operating System APIs in Scripts.


Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 or later
Version: Requires MOM 1.0 SP1

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