Microsoft Operations Manager

SetGroomAge Method

The SetGroomAgemethod sets the groom age setting (in the registry) for the PagerJobQueueobject.

PagerJobQueue.SetGroomAge(lngAgeInDays Long)


Maximum age of messages in the Sent and Failed folders. Messages older than this will be deleted. The range for this setting is -1 to 7200. Use a value of -1 to indicate that messages should never be deleted.

Return Value



The range setting determines the age at which sent and failed pages will be deleted from their respective folders in the OnePoint\ModemPaging directory.


The following example shows how to set the PagerJobQueueobject to delete sent or failed messages after 60 days.

Dim objPagerJobQueue, blnOK

Set objPagerJobQueue = CreateObject("OPScrUtil.PagerJobQueue")

blnOK = objPagerJobQueue.SetGroomAge(60)

Set objPagerJobQueue = Nothing


Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 or later
Version: Requires MOM 1.0 SP1

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