Microsoft Operations Manager

SendMessage Method

The SendMessagemethod submits an alphanumeric pager message for processing by the modem paging software.

PagerJobQueue.SendMessage(strService String, strOperatorID String,
strMessage String, [lngPriority Variant])


One of the services defined in the modem paging software. Use the ConfigureServicesmethod to configure paging services.
Unique number for the recipient of the message (PIN).
Actual text of the message to be sent.
Number that represents the relative importance of the message. Messages with higher priority values are sent before other pages. This parameter is optional.

Return Value



The following example shows how to send a page set to priority 50 with the text Hello World to pager 5551212 on the Contoso, Ltd. service.

Dim objPagerJobQueue, blnOK

Set objPagerJobQueue = CreateObject("OPScrUtil.PagerJobQueue")

blnOK = objPagerJobQueue.SendMessage("Contoso, Ltd.", "5551212",
"Hello world", 50)

Set objPagerJobQueue = Nothing


Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 or later
Version: Requires MOM 1.0 SP1

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