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UTCTime Property

The UTCTimeproperty gets the date and time that the event occurred.

[VBScript] Event.UTCTime



Return Value



The UTCTimeproperty is read-only when used with an event provided to the script by MOM. The property is read/write when used with a new event created with the ScriptContext.CreateEventmethod.


The following example sets the UTCTimeproperty based on the event that caused MOM to invoke the script. The UTCTimeproperty is set to the time that the event occurred.

Function MakeEventFromEvent()
	Dim objSourceEvent
	Dim objNewEvent

	Set objSourceEvent = ScriptContext.Event
	Set objNewEvent = ScriptContext.CreateEvent()

	objNewEvent.LoggingDomain = "DOMAIN1"

	objNewEvent.UTCTime = objSourceEvent.UTCTime
	objNewEvent.UserName = objSourceEvent.UserName
	objNewEvent.SourceComputer = objSourceEvent.SourceComputer
	objNewEvent.Message = objSourceEvent.Message
	objNewEvent.MessageDLL = objSourceEvent.MessageDLL
	objNewEvent.LoggingComputer = objSourceEvent.LoggingComputer

	Set objSourceEvent = Nothing

	Set MakeEventFromEvent = objNewEvent
End Function


Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 or later
Version: Requires MOM 1.0 SP1

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