Microsoft Operations Manager

Configuring Modem Paging

While MOM provides a built-in paging notification option, the ModemPage.vbs script also provides a way to send paging notifications using a modem.

To set up hardware and MOM for modem paging

  1. Ensure that you have valid accounts with a third-party, modem-paging service provider.
  2. Connect the modem to the Consolidator computer and configure it.
  3. Ensure that the modem is functioning. You can use Microsoft Windows 2000 PhoneDialer or HyperTerminal to check modem functionality.
  4. Click the Send a Notification to a Notification Groupresponse, and then type the following example custom command on the Command Formattab:
    cscript.exe ModemPage.vbs /SEND $Operator ID$ $SeverityNum$
    "OnePoint Alert: $Description$"
    Note  Note   

    $SeverityNum$ is available only for alert processing rules. For an event or performance threshold processing rule, you must use a hard-coded priority number or leave the field blank to use the default priority.

  5. Ensure that the necessary operators have an operator ID from the third-party paging service provider. To receive a modem page, operators within the notification groups associated with the processing rules must have a paging service operator ID specified in the operator properties.
  6. To configure the modem paging script on the Consolidator computer

    1. Assuming the default MOM installation folder was used, type the following at the command prompt:

      cd /d "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Operations Manager 2000\OnePoint"

    2. At the command prompt, type:

      cscript ModemPage.vbs /CONFIGURE

    3. On the Dial Parameter and Modem Devicetab, select the correct modem.

    4. Click the Defined Servicestab, and then click From File.

    5. In the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Operations Manager 2000\OnePoint folder, click Services.inf, and then click Open.

      • If the service provider you want to install is listed, click the service provider, and then click OK.

      • If the service provider you want to install is not listed, click New, enter the service provider details, and then click OK.

    6. Click the Send Optionstab, ensure that the options you require are enabled, and then click OK.

    7. Set the paging script to use the service provider by entering the following at the command prompt:

      cscript ModemPage.vbs /SETPROVIDER "Serviceprovider"

      The SETPROVIDERswitch is required. You must replace "Serviceprovider" with the actual name of the service provider you will be using.

    8. To send a test page, type the following at the command prompt:

      cscript ModemPage.vbs /SEND OperatorID [Priority] Messagetext


    Note  Note   

    Higher-priority-numbered pages are sent before lower-priority-numbered pages.

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