Microsoft Operations Manager

ResolutionState Property

The ResolutionStateproperty gets the resolution state of the alert.

[VBScript] Alert.ResolutionState



Return Value



Resolution state values are displayed using text descriptions, such as Open or Resolved, in the MOM Administrator console or the Web console.

The following ResolutionStatevalues are used.

Value Description
0 New
85 Acknowledged
170 Level 1: Assigned to a help desk or local support
180 Level 2: Assigned to a subject matter expert
190 Level 3: Requires scheduled maintenance
200 Level 4: Assigned to an external group or vendor
255 Resolved


The following example shows how to create a new alert and set the ResolutionStateproperty to 0.

Function CreateNewAlert()
	Dim objCreatedAlert
	Dim objAlert

	Set objCreatedAlert = ScriptContext.CreateAlert()

	If (ScriptContext.IsAlert()) Then
		Set objAlert = ScriptContext.Alert

		objCreatedAlert.Name = objAlert.Name
		objCreatedAlert.AlertLevel = 50
		objCreatedAlert.Owner = "[unassigned]"
		objCreatedAlert.ResolutionState = 0  ' New
		Set objCreatedAlert = Nothing
	End If

	Set objAlert = Nothing

	Set CreateNewAlert = objCreatedAlert
End Function


Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 or later
Version: Requires MOM 1.0 SP1

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