Configuring the Management Pack for Windows Azure Pack Web Sites

This section provides guidance on configuring and tuning this management pack.

·      Best Practice: Create a Management Pack for Customizations

Best Practice: Create a Management Pack for Customizations

By default, Operations Manager saves all customizations such as overrides to the Default Management Pack. As a best practice, you should instead create a separate management pack for each sealed management pack you want to customize.

When you create a management pack for the purpose of storing customized settings for a sealed management pack, it is helpful to base the name of the new management pack on the name of the management pack that it is customizing.

Creating a new management pack for storing customizations of each sealed management pack makes it easier to export the customizations from a test environment to a production environment. It also makes it easier to delete a management pack, because you must delete any dependencies before you can delete a management pack. If customizations for all management packs are saved in the Default Management Pack and you need to delete a single management pack, you must first delete the Default Management Pack, which also deletes customizations to other management packs.