Contains the classes that allow you to get and set information about a data warehouse and the management groups, monitoring classes, and monitoring objects in a data warehouse.


Class Description
DataWarehouse A data warehouse (similar to a database) that is used to store information about Management Groups.
DataWarehouseBaseInfo Contains the properties that provide the name, description, and identifier for a data warehouse.
ImageInfo Contains image information for a monitoring class.
ManagementGroupInfo Contains Management Group information, such as the writer login name and a Boolean value that determines whether the Management Group is the Management Group that contains all the other Management Groups.
MonitoringClassInfo Contains the system name of a monitoring class.
MonitoringObjectInfo Contains information about a monitoring object, such as the monitoring class and Management Group information for the monitoring object.
MonitoringRuleInfo Contains information about a monitoring rule.
PerformanceObjectInfo Contains information about an object used to monitor performance data.
PerformanceRuleInfo Contains information about a rule for performance data.

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