Contains the classes used for the different types of secure data items that are used for monitoring security.


Class Description
MonitoringActionAccountSecureData Represents an action account secure data item.
MonitoringBasicCredentialSecureData Represents a basic credential secure data item. This item holds a user name and secure data.
MonitoringCommunityStringSecureData Represents a community string secure data item. The secure data is a SecureString object.
MonitoringDigestCredentialSecureData Represents a digest credential secure data item. The item contains a user name and secure data.
MonitoringGenericSecureData Represents a generic secure data item.
MonitoringOperation Defines the properties for a monitoring operation. A monitoring operation is defined by a name, description, identifier, and scope.
MonitoringProfile A collection of monitoring operations that make a logical profile.
MonitoringSecureData Represents a RunAs account.
MonitoringSecureDataCriteria Used to specify the criteria for the GetMonitoringSecureData(MonitoringSecureDataCriteria) method, limiting the returned objects to those that meet the criteria.
MonitoringSecureDataHealthServiceReference Represents the link between a health service and the RunAs account that should be used on that health service when running a monitor, rule, or task that uses the particular RunAs profile.
MonitoringSimpleCredentialSecureData Represents a simple credential secure data item.
MonitoringUserNameAndDomainSecureData An abstract base class that represents a secure data item that contains a user name and a domain.
MonitoringUserNameSecureData An abstract base class that represents a secure data item that contains a user name.
MonitoringUserRole Specifies an assigned user role that contains a scope and users.
MonitoringUserRoleScope Defines a scope for a user role.
MonitoringWindowsCredentialSecureData Represents a Windows credential secure data item.


Enumeration Description
MonitoringOperationScopeTypes Defines the scope type for monitoring operations.
MonitoringProfileScopeTypes Defines the scope types for a monitoring profile. The types are a combination of the scope types of the operations within the profile.
MonitoringSecureDataType Defines the available secure data types.

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