The Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ConnectorFramework namespace contains a group of classes that are used in the development of custom connector applications that synchronize data between Operations Manager 2007 and other management applications.

The calling process for the ConnectorFramework must be run under an account which is a member of the Operations Manager Administrator user role. The Operations Manager Administrators user role is created at setup time and includes the full privileges to the Operations Manager.

The Connector Framework is the base point for sending and receiving data to the Operation Manager. Product connectors allow communication between Operations Manager and other management systems. These connectors are built on the ConnectorFramework.

There are two types of product connectors in the ConnectorFramework namespace:


Class Description
ConnectorFrameworkAdministration Allows you to perform operations related to monitoring connectors and connector subscriptions, such as creating connectors, retrieving monitoring connectors, and deleting connectors and connector subscriptions.
ConnectorFrameworkProxy Used for building monitoring connector applications that synchronize data in System Center Operations Manager 2007 with other management applications. The ConnectorFrameworkProxy class provides methods to register and initialize a monitoring connector.
ConnectorGlobalConfiguration Contains configuration properties for a Management Group.
ConnectorInfo Contains information about a monitoring connector such as the name and description.
ConnectorMonitoringAlert Contains information about an alert returned from a monitoring connector.
ConnectorMonitoringAlertUpdateFailure Represents a failure that occurred from updating an alert.
ConnectorTieredOperationFailure Represents an operation failure for a given tiered Management Group.
IncrementalMonitoringDiscoveryData Collects discovery data and merges the existing discovery data with the discovery information provided in the incremental update.
MonitoringConnector Retrieves and updates alerts and inserts discovery data.
MonitoringConnectorSubscription Represents a monitoring connector subscription.
SnapshotMonitoringDiscoveryData Allows you to collect instances of discovery data objects.


Interface Description
IConnectorFramework Defines the methods to register and initialize a connector and to monitor its communication channel and state after it has begun sending data.


Enumeration Description
ConnectorMonitoringAlertUpdateFailureReason Provides the reason why the ConnectorMonitoringAlertUpdateFailure occurred.
ConnectorState Indicates the possible initialization states for a monitoring connector.

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