Contains classes that are used to write management packs to sealed assemblies and XML files, define the directory where management packs are stored, and define the information stored in the management pack assembly.


Class Description
ManagementPackAssemblyWriter Creates a sealed Management Pack in a .dll file.
ManagementPackAssemblyWriterSettings Contains property values that are used by the ManagementPackAssemblyWriter class to create a sealed management pack in a .dll file.
ManagementPackFileStore Represents a set of file system directories where Management Packs are stored. This class is used as a parameter to the ManagementPack class constructor to specify directories to load Management Pack references from.
ManagementPackWriter An abstract base class that is a base for classes that are used for writing and updating Management Packs.
ManagementPackXmlWriter Writes a ManagementPack object to an XML writer object.


Interface Description
IManagementPackStore Defines the method that is implemented by classes that are used to represent a set of file directories where Management Packs are stored.

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