Contains software quality metrics (SQM) settings. This class cannot be inherited.

The following tables list the members exposed by the SqmSettings type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
SqmSettings Initializes a new instance of the SqmSettings class.

Public Properties

  Name Description
public property AdmTemplateLocation Gets or sets the location of the SQM ADM templates.
public property ManagementServer Gets or sets the ManagementServer object that represents the Management Server on which SQM needs to be enabled.
public property Port Gets or sets the port to use for SQM communication.
public property UseSsl Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use SSL for SQM communication.
public property UseWindowsAuth Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use Windows Authentication for SQM communication.

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods)

  Name Description
public method Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from Object)
public method GetHashCode  (inherited from Object)
public method GetType  (inherited from Object)
public methodstatic ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object)
public method ToString  (inherited from Object)

Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method Finalize  (inherited from Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object)

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