Stores a collection of name-value pairs.


Name Description


Adds a named value to the property bag.




The MOMPropertyBag object is similar to the Windows Script Host Dictionary object or the associative arrays that are used by many other programming languages.

This object is created by the MOMScriptAPI.CreatePropertyBag method.

This object defines a name-indexed container for property values for a MOM object and is used to store operations data such as discovery, event, or performance data. The data is stored as a collection of name-value pairs. After the property bag is created, any number of name-value pairs can be created in the property bag by using the MOMPropertyBag.AddValue method.

Property bags store script data that will be used by subsequent modules in the workflow that the script is part of. Some examples are:

  • Map data to a performance point and store in the database.
  • Map data to an event and store in the database.
  • Use data to evaluate state as part of a monitor.

An example of this object is shown in the MOMScriptAPI.CreatePropertyBag method.


Platforms: Requires Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008

Version: Requires Operations Manager 2007

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