A Management Pack contains default settings and thresholds that are set by the vendor of the Management Pack. These settings represent a vendor's definition of a healthy state for its product. You can use overrides to adjust these default settings and customize them for your network.

The Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Configuration.ManagementPackOverride class is the abstract base type that all override classes are derived from. To be able to get or set information for an override object (such as the value of the override), you must use one of the derived classes.

You can create an override for a property or configuration parameter for a monitor, rule, discovery object, recovery object, or a diagnostic object. A property override changes the default value of a class property, while a configuration override changes the default value of a custom configuration setting for a class.

Overrides for Monitors

Overrides for Rules

Overrides for Discoveries

Overrides for Diagnostics

Overrides for Recoveries

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