As you determine your strategy for deployment of System Center Operations Manager 2007, the following questions should be considered:

For a quick review of the steps involved in deployment of Operations Manager 2007, see Deployment Phases for Operations Manager 2007.

Before You Deploy

Before you deploy Operations Manager 2007, the following steps are suggested:

  • Read the recommended background material.

  • Verify Operations Manager 2007 system requirements.

  • Create accounts needed prior to deploying Operations Manager 2007 components.

Recommended Reading

Before you deploy Operations Manager 2007, it is recommended that you read the following materials:

Verify Operations Manager 2007 System Requirements

Operations Manager 2007 server components can be highly distributed, with each computer hosting only one Operations Manager 2007 server component or with multiple Operations Manager 2007 server components being hosted on a single computer.

The Operations Manager 2007 Prerequisite Viewer enables you to easily verify whether a computer meets the system requirements for the Operations Manager 2007 components that you plan to install.

For information about running the Operations Manager 2007 Prerequisite Viewer, see How to Run the Operations Manager 2007 Prerequisite Viewer.

Create Accounts Needed Prior to Deploying Operations Manager 2007 Components

You must create domain accounts, such as the Management Server Action account, prior to deploying certain Operations Manager 2007 components. For more information about the accounts that are needed prior to deploying Operations Manager 2007 components, see Operations Manager 2007 Accounts.

After You Deploy

After deploying Operations Manager 2007, it is strongly recommended that you back up the encryption key and save it in a safe location.

Some of the data in the Operations Manager database is encrypted. The root management server contains a key to encrypt and decrypt this data. The key was generated when you deployed Operations Manager 2007. If, for example, a root management server were to fail and you deployed a replacement root management server, you would need the original key so that the replacement root management server could decrypt the data from the Operations Manager database. For more information about backing up and restoring the encryption keys, see How to Backup and Restore Encryption Keys in Operations Manager 2007.

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