Operations Manager 2007 supports the ability to synchronize alert data with other applications, such as other management systems, using product connectors. After a product connector is installed, by default, all alerts are forwarded through the product connector. In the following procedure, you use the Product Connector Subscription Wizard to specify which alerts you want the product connector to forward.

You must have a product connector installed prior to beginning this procedure. Install the product connector according to the product connector vendor's installation instructions.

To configure a subscription for a product connector

  1. Log on to the computer with an account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators role for the Operations Manager 2007 management group.

  2. In the Operations console, click the Administration button.

  3. In the Administration pane, click Product Connectors. In the Product Connectors pane, right-click the product connector and then click Properties. The Product Connector Properties dialog box displays. In the Subscriptions section, click the Add button. The Product Connector Subscription Wizard starts.

  4. In the General page, type a name and a short description for the subscription you are creating, and then click Next.

  5. In the Groups page, you can filter which alerts this connector forwards to an external management system based on groups. By default, all check boxes are selected, so alerts from all groups are forwarded. To enable the child check boxes, clear the top-level check box. After you make your selections, click Next.

  6. In the Targets page, you can filter which alerts this connector forwards based on object type. By default, alerts are accepted from all object types in all management packs. You can specify particular managemenp Packs or certain monitored objects from which you want to forward alerts. To accept alerts from only specified types of objects, click Forward alerts from targets explicitly added to the 'Approved targets' grid are approved and then click the Add button to select individual targets.

  7. In the Criteria page, you can filter which alerts this connector forwards based on the severity, priority, resolution state, and category of the alert. By default, all criteria are selected, so all alerts are forwarded. However, you can individually select which alerts you want forwarded. After you make your selections, click Create to create the product connector subscription. You can view the newly created subscription in the details pane.

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