Use the Author Scope tab on the User Role dialog box to approve targets of the user role that can create or edit monitors, rules, tasks, or views for approved targets.

This tab contains the following elements.

All targets are automatically approved, including targets in Management Packs imported in the future

Approves every target defined in all installed Management Packs for this user role. When additional Management Packs are installed, targets in those Management Packs are automatically approved.
Only targets explicitly added to the 'Approved targets' grid are approved

Approves only targets that you choose, as listed in the Approved targets grid.

Opens the Scope MP Objects by Targets dialog box, where you can select or clear all or specific targets defined in installed Management Packs.

Removes selected targets from the Approved targets grid.
Target description

Displays the target description if a description was specified in the Management Pack.

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