In Operations Manager 2007, you can connect to the Web console server to view a browser-based version of the Monitoring pane of the Operations console without installing the console. Use the following procedure to deploy the Operations Manager 2007 Web console server by using the Setup Wizard.

After you install a secondary management server along with Web console, if you want to remove the management server but keep Web console, first uninstall all the components. Then you can install Web console on that system.

To deploy the Web console server using the Setup Wizard

  1. Use local administrator privileges to log on to the computer.

  2. On the Operations Manager 2007 installation media, double-click the SetupOM.exe file.

  3. On the Start page, select Install Operations Manager 2007 R2.

  4. When the Welcome page displays, click Next.

  5. On the End-User License Agreement page, accept the agreement and then click Next.

  6. On the Product Registration page, type the information in the text boxes (the CD key is required), and then click Next.

  7. When the Custom Setup page displays, set all components except the Web Console to This component will not be available, and then click Next.

  8. On the Connect to Root Management Server page, type the name of the root management server for the desired management group, and then click Next.

    For information about identifying the root management server, see How to Identify the Root Management Server for an Operations Manager 2007 Management Group.
  9. On the Web Console Authentication Configuration page, select Use Windows Authentication if the console will be accessed only over an intranet. Leave Use Forms Authentication selected if the console will be accessed over the Internet.

  10. On the Ready to Install page, click Install. The Installing System Center Operations Manager 2007 page will display and provide installation progress.

  11. When the Completing the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Setup Wizard page displays, click Finish.

    You can access the Web console by entering http://<servername>:51908 into your browser, where <servername> is the name of the computer hosting the Web console server.

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