In Operations Manager 2007, you can use Audit Collection Services (ACS) to collect records generated by an audit policy and store them in a centralized database. By default, auditing is configured on individual computers and all events generated from an audit policy are saved to the local Security log of the audited computer.

In This Section

About Audit Collection Services (ACS) in Operations Manager 2007

Provides an overview of ACS and information about deploying its components.
How to Deploy Audit Collection Services (ACS)

Provides steps for deploying ACS in your environment.
How to Install an Audit Collection Services (ACS) Collector and Database

Provides steps for installing an ACS collector and database and for starting the collector service on the ACS collector computer.
How To Enable ACS Forwarders In Operations Manager 2007

Provides steps for enabling the ACS forwarder service on an agent.
How to Remove Audit Collection Services (ACS)

Provides steps for removing ACS and its components.

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