In Operations Manager 2007, the database used by the management servers is the Operations Manager database. The database used by the Reporting Server is referred to as the Reporting Data Warehouse. The Reporting data warehouse stores the Management Group's historical data, making it available for reports. Data from management servers is generally written to the Operations Manager database but can also be directly written to the Reporting data warehouse, as configured by a management pack, as shown in the following illustration.

Database Write Action Module

Data required by the Reporting Server that is stored in the Operations Manager database is copied to the Reporting data warehouse through a synchronization process, as shown in the following illustration.

Profile Plus Scope Equals Userrole

A number of reports are provided with Operations Manager 2007 Reporting. management packs usually provide additional reports for the technology they enable you to manage. In addition, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services enables Operations Manager 2007 to provide reports that you can easily customize and create. For more information about SQL 2005 Reporting Services, see

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