As an operator using Operations Manager 2007, you will perform most of your actions from the Monitoring pane in the Operations console. In the Monitoring pane, you can see the health of your monitoring environment and find information, such as what alerts have been generated or how your network devices are performing. Also, you can put computers into maintenance mode to temporarily resolve all alerts that are generated by the computers, such as during a scheduled reboot period. For more information about the Monitoring pane, see About the Monitoring Pane in Operations Manager 2007.

You can also use the Monitoring pane to see all of the operational data generated by Operations Manager 2007. You can determine what data displays by using the Search, Scope and Find options. For more information about these features, see How to Manage Monitoring Data Using Scope, Search, and Find.

You might have some Operations Manager 2007 views that you commonly use, or custom views that you want to reuse. The My Workspace pane enables you to store your favorite views in one location so that you can quickly access them. For more information about My Workspace, see My Workspace Pane.

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