Use this page to specify the name, description, and target of the task.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

This table describes elements in both the Diagnostic Task Wizard and the Recovery Task Wizard. Any elements that are unique to a wizard are marked as such.

Name Description

Diagnostic/Recovery name

Specifies the name of the task.


Specifies the description of the task.

Select the health state for which this diagnostic/recovery will run for

Opens the Select a Target Type dialog box, where you can browse Management Pack task target entities, instances, and subgroup components that you want to apply the task to.

Diagnostic/Recovery target

Displays the Management Pack target of the task. You can change the target of the task by clicking Select.

Run diagnostic/recovery automatically

Specifies whether to run the diagnostic task automatically.

Recalculate monitor state after recovery finishes

Specifies whether to recalculate monitors after the recovery is finished. (This option is available only in the Recovery Task Wizard.)

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