The /AddGroup parameter creates a group that is used to organize ACS forwarders. The group does not contain any ACS forwarders when it is created. Use the /UpdForwarder parameter to add ACS forwarders to a group. This command does not generate output. You can use the /ListGroups parameter to verify that the group was created.


AdtAdmin.exe /AddGroup [/Collector:<CollectorName>] [/Group:<GroupName>]

Subparameter Description


Specifies an ACS collector on which you want to create a group. If this subparameter is omitted, the local ACS collector is assumed.


Specifies the name of the new group. Replace GroupName with the name of the new group.


Use the following example to create a group called "Accounting Computers":

adtadmin /addgroup /group:"Accounting Computers"

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