Use this page to enter the connectivity settings for your OLE DB Data Source object.

You must complete this wizard for each database you want to connect.If you have created an OLE DB monitor by using a previous release of Operations Manager 2007, before you can save any changes to that monitor, you need to upgrade it to the new template. To do this, open the Properties for the OLE DB Monitoring template. The template is then automatically upgraded. Click OK at the end of the upgrade process. You can now edit and save all OLE DB monitors.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

Name Description

Connection String

The connection string that contains the initialization properties needed to connect to the OLE DB provider. Click Build to specify the provider, computer or device name, database name, and whether you will use the Simple Authentication Run As profile.

Query to execute

The query that you want to execute against the database.

Query time-out (in seconds)

The time-out period for running the query.

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