Use the Web Application Editor to indicate what conditions cause an error or warning during a synthetic transaction. You can also choose to generate an alert when the status changes. For example, if your transaction includes a request to a specific Web page, you can choose to generate an alert if the page is unavailable. This is done by changing the health status of the transaction when the HTTP status code is 404.

Synthetic transactions are created by recording a Web site or by manually creating requests. For more information about recording a Web site, see How to Capture a Web Application Recording in Operations Manager 2007. For more information about manually creating or editing individual requests, see How to Create or Edit a Request in Operations Manager 2007.

To set health criteria for a request

  1. Open the Authoring pane.

  2. Expand Management Pack Templates, and then click Web Application.

  3. Select the object you want to edit, and then click Edit Web Application settings.

  4. In the Request Details pane, choose the criteria you want to use for changing the health status to a error or warning state. For example, check the box next to Http Status Code, and then select Equals and 404 to change the status when the page is not found.

  5. If you want an alert generated when the health status changes, select Generate an alert if any criteria is met.

  6. If you want the transaction to stop once an error or warning criteria is met, select Stop processing the subsequent requests if any criteria is met.

  7. Click Verify to test your changes.

  8. After the changes are verified, click Apply, and then close the Web Application Editor.

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