Management packs contain predefined monitoring settings that enable agents to monitor a specific service or application in Operations Manager 2007. These predefined settings include discovery information that allows management servers to automatically detect and begin monitoring objects, a knowledge base that contains error and troubleshooting information, alerts, and reports.

Some management packs are imported automatically when Operations Manager is installed. These management packs contain basic settings that Operations Manager uses. Other management packs are designed to monitor specific applications and can be obtained from the vendor that created the application. If you have an application that does not have a management pack, you can use the tools in Operations Manager to create monitoring settings or to create your own management pack for the application.

Management packs are available in the System Center Management Pack Catalog. For information about downloading and importing management packs, see How to Import a Management Pack in Operations Manager 2007.

In This Section

About Management Packs in Operations Manager 2007

Provides an overview of management pack features in Operations Manager 2007.
How to Create a Management Pack in Operations Manager 2007

Provides a step-by-step procedure for creating a management pack in the Operations console.
How to Seal a Management Pack

Provides a step-by-step procedure you can use to seal a management pack in Operations Manager 2007.
How to Convert an Operations Manager 2005 Management Pack

Provides step-by-step procedures for converting management pack files to XML files and for converting a Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 management pack for Operations Manager 2007.
Understanding Self-Tuning Threshold Monitors

Provides an explanation of how self-tuning threshold monitors work and includes the procedure for adjusting self-tuning threshold sensitivity.

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