You can view the state (or health) of an agent in the Agent Health State View. The agent state is relayed by the Health Service Watcher, which monitors the status of agents. You can get more information about the state of an agent by going to the Health Service Watcher view.

An agent can have one of the following states:

State Description

Healthy – green check mark

The agent is running normally.

Critical – red check mark

There is a problem on the agent.

Unknown – gray agent. The check mark and agent name are grayed out.

The health service watcher on the RMS that is watching the health service on the monitored computer is not receiving heartbeats from the agent anymore.  It had been receiving them previously (and it was reported as healthy), but now it is not. This also means that the management servers are no longer receiving any information from the agent at all.

The computer running the agent might be down, or there might be connectivity issues. You can find more information on the Health Service Watcher view.

Unknown – green circle with no check mark

The status of the discovered item is unknown. There is no monitor available for this specific discovered item.

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