The primary reasons to deploy Operations Manager 2007 server components across multiple computers are as follows:

If you want to enable agent failover, you must deploy multiple management servers in the agent's management group. With agent failover, the Operations Manager 2007 agent can automatically report to another management server in the same management group if its root management server (RMS) becomes unavailable. A management group is a logical grouping of Operations Manager components, such as management servers, and the objects they manage, such as Exchange servers.

If you plan to manage a large number of Windows-based computers or you also plan to manage devices or computers running operating systems other than Windows, you will probably need to deploy multiple management servers in the management group.

The Operations Manager 2007 multiple computer configuration includes one management group with at least one of the Operations Manager 2007 server roles installed on a separate computer, such as a server for the Operations Manager database and multiple management servers.

For information about the recommended deployment phases for Operations Manager 2007, see Deployment Phases for Operations Manager 2007.

For information about deploying the root management server on a Windows cluster, see the Operations Manager 2007 Deployment Guide at

For information about promoting a management server to a root management server, see Backup and Restore of Operations Manager 2007 Components at

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