Use the following procedure to configure the Internet proxy settings for an Operations Manager 2007 management server. You must configure these settings if features of Operations Manager 2007 are enabled that require the management server to communicate over the Internet. For example, you must configure these settings if the Client Monitoring feature of Operations Manager 2007 is configured to transmit or receive data from Microsoft.

To configure the Internet proxy settings for a management server

  1. In the Management Server Properties dialog box, click the Proxy Settings tab.

    For information about launching the management server Properties dialog box, see How to View the Properties of a Managed Object in Operations Manager 2007.
  2. On the Proxy Settings tab, select Use a proxy server for communication with Microsoft and then do the following:

    • Select http:// or https:// from the drop-down list, and type the name of the Internet proxy server in the Address text box.

    • Type the Port number, and then click OK.

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