Use this dialog box to uninstall the Operations Manager 2007 agent from a selected computer by using the Operations Console. This dialog box appears when you select an agent-managed computer and then click Uninstall in the Actions pane of the Administration view.

Removal of the agent does not occur until 48 hours have passed.

This dialog box contains the following elements.

Use selected Management Server Action Account

Indicates that the Management Server Action account is used to remove the Operations Manager 2007 agent.
Other user account

Indicates that a user account that you specify is used to remove the Operations Manager 2007 agent. The account must have administrative privileges.
  • User name: Displays the name of the domain or local user account that you enter.

  • Password: Displays the masked password that you enter.

  • Domain: Displays the domain of the user account that you choose.


Indicates that the Operations Manager 2007 agent will be uninstalled. When you click Uninstall, the Task Status dialog box displays the uninstall status.

Cancels the uninstall action.

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