The main interface for Operations Manager 2007 is the Operations console. The Operations console is composed of several panes, each of which serves a special purpose.

The Operations console also supports multiple windows. For example, when you use Operations Manager features such as override, search, Health Explorer, and Reporting, new windows open to support the operations you want to perform.

Console Navigation Panes

The following table lists the major navigation panes and a brief description of each pane. Click the links for more detailed information about the different working areas of the Operations console.

Navigation Pane Description

About the Authoring Pane in Operations Manager 2007

Enables you to create additional monitoring objects to customize or supplement the default monitoring settings provided in management packs.

About the Monitoring Pane in Operations Manager 2007

Displays several different types of views that enable you to analyze the monitoring results within your environment.

About the Reporting Pane in Operations Manager 2007 (if installed)

Displays reports included in management packs and enables you to edit your customized reports.

About the Administration Pane in Operations Manager 2007

Enables you to edit high-level Operations Manager settings that affect the entire management group, as well as view and configure individual management servers and managed objects.

My Workspace Pane

Enables you to create and store console customizations for later reuse.

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