The following sections describe the buttons available in an Operations Manager 2007 report and a description of the fields found in a report.

Toolbar Buttons

The Reporting toolbar contains buttons that provide the following functions.


After selecting or changing parameters, pressing the Run button renders the report.
Show or Hide Parameter Area

Shows or hides the Smart Parameter Area.
Back to Parent Report

Displays the parent report.
Stop Rendering

Halts the rendering process of a report.

Runs the report again.

Allows you to export a rendered report in different formats.
Print Preview

Allows you to change page formats and preview a report before sending a report to a printer.

Prints the report.


Operations Manager 2007 reports provide a "360-degree experience" of interaction between the Operations console and the report. The Operations console provides the ability to link to a report with the current selected context. Similarly, links in a report can link back to the Operations console with the current selected context.


When a report is generated, you must click the plus sign to expand the description.
If you export or print a report when the description is collapsed, the description for the report is not printed or exported.
Selected Parameters

The selected objects are shown with an expand/collapse icon and display the specific number of objects included in a particular report. Expanding shows the objects that were selected from the Smart Parameter area.
If you export or print a report when the object list is collapsed, the list is not printed or exported.
Report Interactions

If a report shows a single object, there is one expand/collapse item for the entire report. This action section can contain links to views, tasks, and other reports. If you click in a single object report, a view link, a task link, or a link to another report, the context of the new report is for that single item.
Report Link

Report links are the only items that are exported with the report. No tasks or views are exported. Report links are hard-coded in the report. Adding more report links requires authoring the report.
Task Link

Tasks links are hard-coded in the report. Adding more tasks requires authoring the report.
View Link

Clicking on a view link takes you to the Operations console and displays the respective view. The list of available views is hard-coded in the report. Adding more views requires authoring the report.
Expand/collapse items located in a report row

Clicking on an expand/collapse icon opens an action section for the item in the row. Clicking on any of the links (reports, tasks, or views) uses the currently selected row as context.
Expand Links

Expand links appear as blue text in the report. There are no plus or minus sign graphics associated with these links. Clicking on these links expands the content below the link.

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