Use the Operations Manager 2007 support tool, MPSeal.exe, to change the format of an Operations Manager 2007 management pack from an XML file to a binary file. You can run MPSeal.exe on a client computer as long as that computer has Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed. Also, you must have a client certificate to seal a management pack.

If you plan to distribute a management pack that you have created, you should seal that management pack.

MPSeal.exe can be found on the distribution media in the SupportTools folder.

MPSeal.exe is a command-line tool that uses the following syntax:

MPseal.exe Management Pack Filename [/I Source Directory] /Keyfile Keyfile Path /Company Company Name [/Outdir Output Directory] [/DelaySign]

As an example, if you are sealing a management pack file named Microsoft.SQLServer.xml, you could use the following syntax:

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MPSeal.exe Microsoft.SQLServer.xml /I c:\mps /Keyfile Microsoft.snk /Company "Microsoft Corporation"

A file is created and saved to the current directory.

To seal a Management Pack

  1. On a computer that has.NET Framework 2.0 installed, copy a client certificate and the MPSeal tool to a directory, and then copy a valid Operations Manager 2007 management pack to the same directory.

  2. Open a command prompt, change to the directory that contains the copied files.

  3. Run the MPSeal tool to change the XML-formatted management pack to a binary file. The sealed management pack should now have an .MP extension.

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