The Client Monitoring feature of Operations Manager 2007 consist of the following components:

Agentless Exception Monitoring

AEM enables you to monitor operating systems for crashes and applications for errors and crashes. Error reporting clients are configured with group policy to redirect error reports to an Operations Manager 2007 management server, instead of reporting directly to Microsoft. By staging error reports on a management server, Operations Manager 2007 is able to provide detailed views and reports that aggregate error data across your organization. The views and reports provide knowledge about failures and offer solutions, as available, to help resolve the issues.

If you have an Operations console on a computer running Windows Vista, you cannot use both AEM and User Access Control unless you install the fileshare on a different computer that is not running Windows Vista.The Windows Error Reporting (WER) client is a feature of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. For Windows 2000, the error reporting client is included in and reports errors for Microsoft programs, such as Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Office 2003 applications, Microsoft Visio 2002, and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

You can determine how often an operating system or application experiences an error and the number of affected computers and users. This determination enables you to direct your efforts where they will have the greatest benefit to the organization.

When the error reports are anonymously synchronized with Microsoft, per the Privacy Statement for the Microsoft Error Reporting Service, solution responses that are available for the respective errors are provided. You can also use AEM to provide custom solutions for issues experienced with your internally developed applications.

The management server and error reporting clients must be in the same or fully trusted domains.

Customer Experience Improvement Program

When you choose to participate in the CEIP, you configure clients with group policy to redirect CEIP reports to an Operations Manager 2007 management server, instead of reporting directly to Microsoft. The management servers are configured to forward these reports to Microsoft.

The CEIP reports do not contain contact information about you or your organization, such as names or address.

The CEIP reports forwarded from your organization to Microsoft are combined with CEIP reports from other organizations and individual customers to help Microsoft solve problems and improve the Microsoft products and features customers use most often. For more information about the CEIP, see

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