Use the Management Packs Objects node, in the Authoring pane of the Operations console, to create objects that help you define how you monitor objects in Operations Manager 2007. This node also displays the monitoring settings of imported management packs. You can view existing attributes, monitors, object discoveries, rules, tasks, and views by clicking the appropriate leaf object under the Management Pack Objects node. You can also create new attributes, monitors, rules, and tasks from each corresponding leaf object.

You cannot create object discoveries or views from the Authoring pane. Object discoveries are created using the Discovery Wizard from the Administration pane, and views are created in the Monitoring pane.

The following table describes the objects listed in the leaf nodes of the Management Pack Objects node.

Monitoring Object Description


Displays a list of attributes for each object type in your management group. Attributes contain information that further defines an object in Operations Manager.


Displays a list of monitors sorted by object type. Monitors continually assess the condition of specified objects. As a result of this assessment, a monitor can also generate alerts and change the health state of that object.

Object Discoveries

Displays a list of discovery objects currently in use in your management group. A discovery is used to dynamically find objects on your network that you want to monitor.


Displays a list of rules sorted by object type. Rules collect data, such as event information, generated by managed objects.


Lists the tasks that are available within your management group sorted by object type. Tasks are actions that run against a monitored object.


Displays a list of available views in the management group. Views display a particular aspect of monitoring settings. The displayed information in a view is the result of a query to the Operations Manager database.

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