Import Management Packs

Import Management Packs and reports for your management group by using the Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Administrator console.

Note  Note   

The only set of Management Packs and reports that is automatically copied to the computer where you install MOM is Microsoft Operations Manager. If you want to import additional Management Packs and reports, you have to copy them from the CD to the Management Packs folder on the computer. On the CD, the Management Packs and reports can be found in the Management Packsfolder. You can also find updates on the Microsoft Operations Manager Web site.

To import a Management Pack

  1. In the Navigation pane, click Management Packs.
  2. In the Detail pane, click Import/Export Management Packsto open the Management Pack Import/Export Wizard.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Management Pack Import/Export Wizard.
Note  Note   

After importing the Management Pack, if you do not commit the changes to the configuration, the rules are not sent until the Agent Request configuration interval completes.

If the imported Management Pack appears to function incorrectly, verify that the MOM Agent Action Account has enough privileges.

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