Associate a Rule Group with a Computer Group

To enable agents to apply rules to the correct computers, you must associate a rule group with a computer group. Agents on computers within the computer group apply the rules in the rule group as necessary.

Note  Note   

If you have a child rule group, which is a rule group contained within another rule group, you may want to associate computer groups with the child rule group.

To associate a rule group with a computer group

  1. In the Navigation pane, click Management Packs.
  2. In the Detail pane, click Rule Groups.
  3. In the Navigation pane, expand Rule Groups.
  4. Navigate to the rule group that you want to associate with a computer group.
  5. In the Navigation pane, right-click the rule group name, and then click Associate with Computer Groupto open the Rule Group Propertiesdialog box for the processing rule group.
  6. Follow the instructions on the Computer Groupstab. For more information about the options and fields in a dialog box tab, click Help.