Search Operators

You can precisely define your search by providing a connection between the search expressions in your query. To do so, use the AND, OR, NEAR, and NOT operators, as described in the following table. If no operator is specified, AND is used by default.

Search for Example Result
Both terms in the same topic software ANDmetering Topics containing both the words "software" and "metering."
Either term in the topic software ORmetering Topics containing either the word "software" or "metering."
Both terms in the same topic close together

software NEARmetering

Topics that contain the word "software" within eight words of the word "metering."

The first term without the second term

software NOTmetering

Topics containing the word "software", but not the word "metering."

Note  Note   

The |, &, and !characters are not permitted. You can use only OR, AND, NEAR, and NOT.

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