About Microsoft Operations Manager2005 Help

The Microsoft® Operations Manager(MOM) 2005 Help system provides different topic types. Information in the topics ranges from high-level conceptual information to low-level summaries of dialog boxes. The topic types are described in the following table:

Topic category Type of information
Overview Overview topics provide high-level introductory information. Typically, they include a short summary of related operations or features, and provide information about how those operations and features work together.
Conceptual Conceptual topics provide more in-depth information than overviews. They include information about how MOM carries out tasks, why a task should be performed, in what situations the task should or should not be performed, definitions of relevant terms, analogies, and examples.
Process A process topic reflects the goal of a MOM administrator, rather than an element of the UI or product architecture.
Procedure Procedure topics list the steps needed to accomplish a task. They provide navigational graphics that you can use to quickly identify where you need to be within the MOM Administrator console to perform a particular task.

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