Chart Properties

Use this dialog box to modify the way the performance chart is displayed, including font type and background color. You can modify the following properties:

To change the X-Axis font

  1. In the Fontsarea, click Change.
  2. In the upper portion of the Fontdialog box, select a font, font style, and size.
  3. In the lower portion of the dialog box, select an effector scriptas needed.
  4. When you finish selecting font options, click OK.

To change the Grid properties

  1. In the Grid Propertiesarea, select the vertical gridlinescheck box to add vertical gridlines ( horizontal gridlinesis the default).
  2. To select a different gridline color, click Change.
  3. In the Colordialog box, click a basic color. You can select more colors by clicking Define Custom Colors.
  4. When you finish selecting a gridline color, click OK.

To change the Background fill color

  1. In the Background Fillarea, to select a single color fill, click the appropriate option ( two color fillis the default).
  2. To change the fill colors for either the single or two color, click Changefor the color you want to change.
  3. Click a basic color or define a custom color and click OK.

When you finish making all of the changes that you want, click OKin the Chart Propertiesdialog box.