Diagram View Properties: Diagram Settings

Diagram Settings
This tab provides the following options.
Diagram type
Specify the specific type of diagram you want.
Number of levels to display
Specify the number of levels to display. By default, all levels are displayed.
Routing style
Specify the routing style, which determines how objects in the diagram are laid out on the screen. The default style is Straight. Other styles include: Network, Center to Center, Org Chart (North-South), and Tree (North-South).
Node placement style
Specify how the nodes are placed in relation to the MOM Management Server. The default value is North-South. Other styles include: Undirected, West-East, South-North, East-West, and Circular.
Node placement depth
Specify how far apart the nodes are placed. The default value is Medium. Other options include: Shallowand Deep.
Rendering quality
Specify the rendering quality for the image. The default value is High Speed. The other option is High Quality.
Background image
Specify a background image for the diagram. By default, no images are used.

If you want to add a background image, click Background Imagesto view and select the available background images.