Computer Group View Properties: Criteria

This tab has two input areas, one for selecting computers and one for specifying the corresponding descriptive parameters that are used to qualify the computer that you select. In the Which computer groups do you want to view?list, select a computer by selecting the check box beside the descriptive parameter that you want. When you select an item, a corresponding hyperlink is displayed in the View description (click the underlined value to edit)input area. Click the hyperlink to open a dialog box, and then provide the required information. The following table lists the available parameters and describes the associated information that you are prompted to provide.
Note  Note   

If you do not specify any computer groups, all the computer groups in the management group will be part of the Computer Groups view.

Computers Required view description information
with specified severity unresolved alerts Click the link to open the Alert Severitydialog box. Select the appropriate check box to identify the level of alert severity that you want to use. The following choices are available:
  • Success
  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Critical Error
  • Security Issue
  • Service Unavailable
with specified name Click the link to open a search dialog box. Type a complete text string or use wildcards to provide the search criteria to use in searching for the computer group name.