Work with a Computer Group

After you create a computer group, you can work with the group in the Details pane of the Administrator console. You can change the initial settings for the group, delete a computer, or copy the definition of a computer group in the current management group and paste it into another management group.

You can also calculate group membership to make sure that you see the latest group membership data. This means that included subgroups and computers, excluded computers, searches, and formulas are re-evaluated, including formulas based on membership in discovered groups.

You must determine the inheritance and associations of rule groups to computer groups by following the hierarchy for both the associated rule groups and computer groups. In the Administrator console and the Operator console, you can verify these inheritances and associations.

To view inheritances and associations

  1. In the Administrator console, in the Navigation pane, click an associated rule group.
  2. In the Detail pane, the Bound to Computer Groupsfield lists all the computer groups to which this rule group is associated, or has inherited from its parent rule group.

To view information about a rule group

  1. In the Operator console, in the upper portion of the Detail pane, click a computer group or computer.
  2. In the lower portion of the Detail pane, click the Rule Groupstab.
Note  Note   

To view the updated information, refresh the Operator console.

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