Create Task Wizard: Task Configuration (Target Role)

Use this page in the wizard to specify the target role for which a task is available, the script that the task will run, and the script parameter default values.

This tab contains the following options:

Target role
Select one of the following target roles: Computer, MOM Agent, or MOM Server.
Specify the script that you want to run on a machine. Click the down arrow to select from the scripts that imported with the Management Pack.
Note  Note   

You can also create your own scripts through the Scripts node in the Management Packs folder in the Administrator console .

Parameter default values
Specify the parameters for a script. You can edit the valuefor some parameters.
Note  Note   

Not all scripts have parameters. A script includes parameters only if the script needs external input to do conditional processing. For example, the MOM Action Account Password Expiration Checkscript includes parameters that raise alerts based on the number of days before the password expires.