Event Rules Detail Pane

View, create, edit, and delete event rules in a rule group. When you click Event Rulesin the Navigation pane, a table listing all available event rules appears in the Detail pane.

The table contains the following information:

Specifies the name of the rule.
Indicates whether the rule is currently enabled.
Specifies the event rule type, such as filteror forwarding.
Provider Name
Specifies the name identifying a particular instance of a provider that generates an event, such as Securityfor Windows Event Log.
Provider Type
Specifies the type of information provider that generates the event, such as Windows Event Logor WMI Events.
Specifies the Windows event source that matches this rule, such as Microsoft Exchange Serveror Microsoft SQL Server™.
Specifies the Windows event identification number that matches this rule.
Event Type
Specifies the event type, such as Erroror Audit Failure.
Event Text Criteria
Specifies the text-pattern matching expression for event text for events matched by this rule.
Indicates whether a rule match generates a response, and if so, what response.

To create an event rule

To edit a rule

To delete a rule