Create Task Wizard: Task Configuration (Managed Code)

Use this page in the wizard to configure managed code tasks in place of script tasks to handle complex conditional logic, as well as interact with the Microsoft® .NET Framework. You must either distribute the assemblies yourself, or use a file transfer task.

This page contains the following options:

Target role
Specify one of the following target roles: Computer, MOM Agent, or MOM Server.
Assembly name
Specify the display name for the assembly.
Fully qualified type name
Specify the namespace and class name of the class on which you want to call a method. For example, MyNamespace.MyClass
Method name
Specify the name of the method you want to call on the assembly. For example, MyMethod.
Method type
Specify either Instanceor Staticmethod type.
Method parameters (in order)
Specify parameters in the right order and that match the method type you select. Make sure the value you specify is consistent with the type. For example, don’t specify a string when the method type is System.Int32. You can add, edit, and delete parameters, or change their order by clicking Move Upand Move Down.